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Tuesday, 04. December 2012

The basic operation of the mouse

By startbattery, 03:38

The mouse is the abbreviation of mouse. Through the click or drag the mouse, can be easily to operate computer. The mouse has mechanical, photoelectric and remote control type and so on many kinds of, at present the use most is a mechanical. Mechanical mouse bottom have a ball, mouse, the ball then scroll, transfer information to the CPU gateway bfb0505hha laptop cpu fan , so as to realize the operation. Use the mouse, will appear on the screen a mouse cursor. Its shape as software work environment, system operation task and working status changed. When moving the mouse, the mouse cursor will move in the window.
Commonly used the mouse basic operation are: click and double-click. Click refers to as a mouse the left key. Click the left mouse button can be used to select an object or trigger button. Double-click refers to two successive quickly according to the mouse left key. Used for start-up procedure or open the window. In addition: click on the button. Pointing to the object, click the right mouse button will pop up the object's shortcut menu. In the shortcut menu can be finished for the object operation and attribute gateway kfb0505ha laptop cpu fan set, etc.; Drag the mouse cursor position is to point to in a target, and then press the mouse left key not to put, drag to the new position after let go, Is to move the mouse, the mouse cursor "in a project. In addition, the Windows operating systems often will encounter all sorts of different shapes of the mouse cursor. This is because when the mouse cursor moves to the different functional zone time the mouse shape will change, common are:
(1), 1 shaped cursor. Generally appear in the file (text) editing area. In the cursor flashing position can input text content, insert graphics or text editing operation.
(2) left arrow cursor. The mouse is in Chinese Windows of the basic shape, gateway mf40060v1-c000-g9a laptop cpu fan can choose window, menus, file folders and other normal operation.
(3) the right arrow cursor. This is a pointer to a top right corner of the oblique arrow. The cursor symbol appeared in the window on the left of the selection box or font name box, can use it to choose MouWen the bank, a text segments or the entire file.
(4) wait cursor. This is a kind of waiting for the cursor, when the system is processing a big task, especially the processing and disk relevant operating time is to appear this kind of cursor, meaning is just a moment, please, temporarily do not operate.
(5) help cursor. This is in the press online help key or click the "help" menu appears when the cursor.
(6) the up and down arrow cursor. The cursor pointer appears in the top of the window or boundary, when there is the cursor, you can hold down the mouse left key drag and change the window size.
(7) the right and left arrow cursor. The gateway mf60090v1-b100-g99 laptop cpu fan cursor appeared in the window to the right or left of boundary, when there is the cursor, you can hold down the mouse left key drag change around the window size width.
(8) or so inclined double arrow cursor. The cursor appeared in four corners window position, when there is the cursor, you can hold down the mouse left key drag and change the window height and width.
(9) cross double arrow cursor. The cursor in the mobile window position appeared, the use of it can easily move the whole window.
The mouse cable plug shape there are three: circular, 9 hole D type and 25 hole D type. Common is round green "PS / 2" plug, plug in general have a mark, connection as long as it up into the back of the mainframe box there are gateway mg55150v1-q050-g99 laptop cpu fan also signs five hole socket can.,how-to-set-up-the-router.html